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Article 2

How is COVID-19 affecting Brunswick Dental Clinic? 


At Brunswick Dental Clinic, we aim to provide a safe environment for your well being and dental treatment. While COVID-19 is impacting the dental world, we are still providing most dental treatment including general and emergency dentistry, as long as the protocols have been followed.


  1. You are required to wear a mask in the waiting room and before treatment starts.

  2. Your temperature will be measured as long as you enter the practice.

  3. You are required to use hand sanitiser after entering the practice.

  4. Our staff will ask about your travelling and social history – you are REQUIRED to disclose ALL information including recent COVID test(s) and the result(s).An antiseptic mouthwash will be prepared for rinsing before treatment starts.

  5. Certain aerosol generating procedures will be postponed or performed in different ways. For example, a dental clean will be performed with hand instruments instead of a motorized instrument.


In order to keep Brunswick Dental Clinic a safe place for everyone to receive quality dental service, it is important that you work with us and follow ALL protocols to minimize the risk of cross infection.


If you are not feeling well or experiencing flu-like symptoms, please contact us to postpone your dental visit and call 1800 675 398 for immediate assistance.


However, we would like to emphasize that:


Updated on 30/07/2020


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COVID-19 Alert

We are open!

All dental treatment has resumed. If you have an appointment and are experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat) or are in close contact of a confirmed of potential case of COVID-19, please call us on (03) 9380 4736.