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Article 6

What should I expect for my first dental visit? 


The first dental visit is very important. It has already begun when you call us to make an appointment. Our team is always ready, but are you? 


In Australia, many people do not visit a dentist regularly. Unfortunately, dental fear that originates from poor childhood experience remains as one of the most common reasons for low routine dental attendance rate. At Brunswick Dental Clinic, we would like to erase your bad experience and create good ones. Therefore, before you come, please relax and do not feel stressed. 


On your first dental visit, our aim is all about settling you into the new environment. As long as you feel comfortable, we can start the conversation about your dental concern. No matter how complicated the issue is, there are always different treatment options available. If the treatment cannot be completed in our clinic, we will ensure that an appropriate referral will be made and tracked until you have either completed it or you are happy with the result. 


Many people don’t realize how important the initial conversation is. In our model of care, you remain the only person to make all the decisions. Our job is to assess and advise your current and potential dental concerns, and the impact of leaving them untreated. We will then present you with a range of treatment options available, and you can choose the option which suits you. 


It takes time to gather and analyze all the information we need such as x-rays in order to formulate a list of personalized treatment options, their costs and possible scenarios during treatment. However, eventually, you decide what you would like us to carry out. 


We believe that everyone deserves a positive dental experience and the first dental visit contributes to it. The only way to create that is by our combined effort along the journey.


                                                     Updated on 23/12/2020


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