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Article 8

Why is prevention better than treatment?


Nowadays, dentistry has gradually transformed from a traditional surgical approach to a prevention-based approach. Instead of placing a filling after decay happens, we aim to prevent the decay from happening. Under this model of care, dental care can be more affordable and comfortable. 


In terms of treatment cost, preventive measures are often cheaper. For example, when tooth decay is still small and shallow, we can still stop its progression with concentrated fluoride gel and reinforced oral hygiene habits. The average price of the fluoride gel is approximately one-fifth of a filling, and it doesn’t include the cost of repairing the filling when it becomes defective in the future. 


Apart from treatment cost, preventive measures are often quicker and more comfortable. As per the scenario above, it only takes 30 seconds to a minute to apply the fluoride gel, while you have to open your mouth wide for at least 30 minutes for us to complete a filling. Therefore, preventive measures can often provide you with a more pleasant and less tiring dental experience. 


Finally, from a clinical perspective, the tooth will only become weaker after a filling. A filling will often need to be replaced or repaired after some time due to many uncontrollable clinical factors. Therefore, the structural integrity of the tooth will gradually be compromised as we perform more invasive, yet necessary dental procedures. We prefer not to place a filling unless it is necessary since the process is irreversible and each filling will only be larger in size. 


“They” say dental practitioners love placing fillings. At Brunswick Dental Clinic, we respectfully disagree. We prefer no fillings to be placed at all if possible. A prevention-based model of care, including regular dental check-up and clean, as well as effective oral hygiene regime is the key to a better dental experience and overall oral health.


Updated on 27/02/2021


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