Brush harder to get a whiter smile?

Toothbrushing abrasion is a common dental problem nowadays. Apart from brushing twice per day, many of us may even feel the need to brush after every meal and brush as hard as possible in order to prevent tooth decay or to enjoy a fresh breath. However, is brushing more or harder always a good thing?

Over-brushing your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that you are brushing too many times, but also the way you brush and the pressure you apply. If you are brushing too hard, especially with an electric or a hard manual toothbrush, it can cause problems such as tooth sensitivity and gum recession.

Tooth sensitivity happens when you wear away the enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth. When the inner layer, dentine, becomes exposed, sensitivity can happen. It can cause discomfort or pain when your teeth are exposed to hot, cold or sweet things, or even when you brush.

Gum recession is another potential concern of brushing too hard. When gums recede, the softer cementum of the root is exposed. Cementum and root can easily be worn away, and cause a significant risk in more tooth sensitivity and a higher risk of tooth decay. 

Although brushing too hard involves multiple risk factors, the prevention of over-brushing is very simple, by adopting the proper brushing technique and the right choice of your toothbrush. We highly recommend you to use a soft toothbrush. If the bristles become flattened or severely spread out within a few weeks, you may be applying too much pressure. For more information, please visit written by our practitioner. 

Brushing hard is not the way to get a bright and white smile. Just remember, you cannot get a confident smile if your oral health has been compromised by your daily habit.

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