Before and after teeth whitening

Metal fillings (amalgam fillings) have been used since 1826. While most dental practices nowadays offer tooth-colored composite fillings, people start to wonder “should I replace old metal fillings with new white fillings”? The answer is both yes an

Inchair whitening can give you a whiter and brighter smile within 90 minutes. However, in order to obtain and maintain the best result, there are a few instructions to follow.

Before teeth whitening: 

  1. Schedule a dental clean prior to your whitening (or a clean on the same day if you are a regular dental attendant every 6-12 months)  
  2. Complete all recommended dental treatment within the whitening zone 
  3. Use sensitive toothpaste a week prior (especially if you have sensitive teeth) 

After teeth whitening: 

  1. Stay on a white diet – avoid eating or drinking anything dark in color for 7 days (e.g. tomato sauce, red wine, orange etc.)
  2. Avoid eating or drinking anything too hot or too cold (e.g. hot soup, ice cream etc.) 
  3. Use sensitive toothpaste as provided for at least 7 days
  4. Avoid any whitening products for at least 3 weeks   

Inchair whitening is safe, as long as it is provided by an experienced dental practitioner, and the application process has been monitored. However, a pre-whitening assessment is compulsory to predict the outcome and the possibility of having sensitivity afterwards.