Why do my gums start shrinking and my teeth start moving?

According to a scientific study, 1 in 5 adult Australian population suffers from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, often called as periodontitis or advanced gum disease, is mainly caused by plaque. When bacteria in dental plaque accumulates, they produce toxins that can damage the teeth, gums and bones.

In general, there is a myth that if we brush our teeth well, we don’t need a dental clean regularly. It is a complete and utter fallacy since both mechanical and electric toothbrushes cannot remove tartar or calculus effectively. Calculus contains the highest percentage of bacterial load and toxins, which causes irreversible damage to your gums and bones underneath.

At Brunswick Dental Clinic, we perform assessment, treatment and prevention to control or prevent gum diseases. Despite our clinicians are confident with their skills, we need your help as well. The treatment is completely useless if you cannot maintain an adequate level of oral hygiene or eliminate most risk factors, such as uncontrolled diabetes and smoking. Therefore, it is vital to follow our clinicians’ instructions and keep us informed of your general health.

The control of periodontal disease takes time and effort. Some cases may take years to fully stabilize the condition. However, your cooperation over the treatment and a good oral hygiene at home can speed up the process and ensure a positive treatment outcome.

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