Why should I fill the gap between my teeth?

Many people suffer from tooth loss at a certain stage of life. It can be caused by various reasons such as tooth decay, periodontal disease or trauma. Despite tooth replacement options being relatively expensive and lengthy compared to other dental procedures, they improve aesthetics, functionality and prevent more dental issues in the future. We hope that more people will realize the importance of having an intact dentition.

Losing a tooth, especially a front tooth, can be embarrassing. Most patients realize that they do not smile and show their teeth anymore. Tooth replacement options, ranging from a partial denture to an implant, can fill the gap. Would it be obvious to have a fake tooth? In fact, the new crown would be specifically designed based on the color and shape of your other teeth – so the answer is “NO”.

Besides your appearance, it is important to work on the practical side. Each tooth has its own function in your mouth. While your front teeth are used to tear and cut food, your back teeth help to grind food before you swallow. Losing a tooth means that your chewing ability will be compromised, thus affecting your dining experience.

Teeth do not hold themselves in place automatically – they rely on each other to maintain both vertical and horizontal positions. If you have a missing tooth, teeth on the same arch can drift and spread apart, and the opposing tooth may super-erupt. A supra-erupted tooth has a high chance of bone problem and tooth sensitivity due to its displaced position and more root surfaces exposed respectively. Adequate management will be difficult when supra-eruption happens.

While there are certain scenarios that tooth replacement is not necessary or recommended, it is always wise to consult a dental practitioner in your next check up and clean appointment, so that we do not miss the best timing to detect and prevent problems from happening.

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