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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the modification of facial skeletal development and correction of malpositioned teeth.

Orthodontics or the use of braces is not just to improve your appearance, but also the correct the alignment of teeth and jawline to prevent dental complications in the future. When you have crooked teeth, brushing and flossing become difficult that teeth can be prone to decay and gum diseases, while the joint problem can lead to severe headache and shoulder pain.

At Brunswick Dental Clinic, we use a variety of appliances to correct your jaw relationship and your bite. In children, removable appliances are used at an early stage and fixed appliances such as brackets are used at a later stage. They can be used to widen the arches and create space while the brackets can align the teeth in the jaws. Sometimes, invisible splints like clear aligners and elastic bands are used, despite of having more limitations of usage. However, this combination often produces a stable and satisfactory result to ensure a healthy dentition and a confident smile.

What are brackets?

Brackets are metallic or ceramic buttons that are glued temporarily to the outer surface of the teeth and are used to shift and align them in the dental arch.

Invisible splints are removable appliances that are used in patients who don’t have severe teeth displacement or refuse to wear brackets. They yield very good results but have narrow specifications since their ability to shift teeth is relatively limited.

When is the right time for an orthodontic assessment and what does it involve? 

Many orthodontic problems are apparent by 7 to 9 years of age. Around the age of 7 or 8, an orthodontic assessment should be carried out. In general, a full orthodontic treatment should be started around the age of 12, when the last baby tooth is about to exfoliate.

An orthodontic assessment involves a thorough examination and records of the dentition. The preparation includes dental moulds, photographs of the teeth and face as well as x-ray films of the teeth and jaws. If the dental practitioner thinks it is too early to start treatment, your child should be reviewed at regular intervals until the right time.

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